FG Fight Club




ART EXPRESSED AS VIOLENCE. Fully Gimmicked Fight Club (FKA Punk Pro Wrestling) is our DIY-Till-We-Die promotion, filling the fully gimmicked hole you didn't know existed in the FL independent wrestling scene. The rules are different here.

You can watch full shows on >>> Pivotshare
And (most importantly) find the merch section >>> here.

Thanks to B-Movie TV, you can bring the best in independent professional wrestling directly to your home! Simply download the B-Movie TV channel on Roku, and tune in every Saturday evening (your local time).

We highlight shows from independent wrestling companies, some even featuring our Fully Gimmicked ambassadors. Each episode includes commentary by Zac Romero and friends of Fully Gimmicked. 

If you'd like your show/company to be featured on FGFC, just reach out via the Contact Us page here or shoot an email to fullygimmicked@gmail.com.

 See you at ringside! 

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