Merch in the time of Quarantine

anniversary coronavirus quarantine

Sooooo how's everybody holding up? Of course with basically everything on pause until further notice, it's given almost everyone (thanks to our essential workers!) a lot of time to reflect, regroup, and play Animal Crossing. I am, at least.

This June marks the five year anniversary of Fully Gimmicked. In some ways I feel like we've grown so much - we've been able to put on Punk Pro Wrestling, upgrade to a new web platform, work with so many new talents, and flex our creativity with more one of a kind and custom items. And on the other hand I perpetually have this nagging guilt that I'm not doing enough. It should be bigger, better, more, and it's all my fault that it's not. The rational part of me knows that's just my anxiety being an asshole, and so I try to find the balance. It is a constant force to keep trying new things, working on new ideas, and getting better day by day. It's been a rollercoaster, and I'm sure that won't change, but it's been an amazing ride. With our growing team, I am so excited about what the next five years will bring. Plus, we'll probably do a cool sale or some anniversary goods so keep an eye on our social media for announcements when it gets a little closer.

With there not being shows right now, it's more important than ever to support indie wrestling. WWE may have paid their way into being essential - but your local wrestling scene is hurting in a big way. When it's safe to come out again, I hope to see sold out shows across the country. Everyone pulling together to re-ignite the fire that's been burning so bright lately. And thanks to WWE's roster cuts, I'm super hoping to see some of those faces at indie shows again where they can really shine again.

As for right now- buy merch (duh) or a gift card, watch shows on Pivotshare and YouTube, support your local companies and wrestlers on social media. Let them know that when the doors open, you'll still be there. And we'll still be here, hustling merch and continuing to work with the best characters in independent wrestling.

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