It's felt weird taking a step back from Fully Gimmicked. 

Since the end of January I'd gotten over a flu, and noticed I was having frequent heart palpitations. Anytime I stand up, move, eat, etc. my heart would start beating out of my chest for no apparent reason. Between my primary doctor and cardiologist they're still trying to run tests. So far they agree I'm 100% healthy, my heart just likes to lost its mind sometimes. 

I wanted to rest and relax. I really did. I even missed 99% of July which was the 4 year anniversary of Fully Gimmicked. I didn't get to do Summer Flings which we introduced last year and was super fun. The world kept turning and Fully Gimmicked didn't, which if I'm being perfectly honest was terrifying because what if no one cared? What if there was no need for FG and we were no longer relevant?
And then the rational part of my brain went LOL JK THERE'S ALWAYS A NEED FOR RAD MERCH.

So after minimal progress on a diagnosis and being majorly bummed about about not having Fully Gimmicked functioning....

Welcome home <3 

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