Fully Gimmicked Turns Five!

I can't even believe that five years ago this month, Fully Gimmicked was born. From day one, our core goal has been to support the biggest and best characters in independent wrestling. Gimmicks from carnies and vikings, to a lounge singer and an undead bride paved the way for where we are now.

Starting as fans ourselves and growing within the industry (to now booking and promoting our own shows) I feel gives us a unique advantage. In that merch to some people is just a t-shirt, but to us it's an additional extension of character. We've had the privilege of making skate decks, plush toys, coffins, records, masks, and so much more. Getting to think outside the box and really get weird with it is one of the best parts.

Granted, even after five years we're still what I consider to be a small operation. We officially have three employees, myself being one of them. Even still - FG has consistently operated minus around 4-5 months when I had a weird health scare (which still hasn't been fully resolved, so there's that). And to get a little personal, I always have a weighing sense of guilt and obligation to be doing bigger-better-more. In business, I guess that's a good thing. But just so you all know, we're constantly working in the background to improve and grow.

I am endlessly thankful to our wrestling family and fans that keep us busy and trust us with the task of creating unique, quality products. Having seen other "brands" come and go, it's an honor to be your obedient merch servants.

Here's to the next five years (and praying to anything listening that 2020 gets better, because DAMN).

- Luna Only
HBIC of Fully Gimmicked / WrestleMama

We're still kicking after five years and I love you all more than words.

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