2020 new year

I don't "blog" often but wanted to reflect as we head into 2020 ~ at the start of this year I moved the Fully Gimmicked from Wix to Shopify, and basically rebuilt it from scratch. Which turned out to be one of the best decisions! The platform is a lot more comprehensive and better suited for business! It was one of those live and learn moments which definitely paid off in the end.

We had three Punk Pro Wrestling shows, which were all fantastic. We've worked hard to make sure that Punk Pro has an identity and brings something new to the table in a sea of Florida wrestling promotions. I am already so excited for Wrestlemania weekend - I love the energy of that week/end and having our wrestling friends & family all in one place for a weekend!

We're starting January off strong with Punk Pro's 13th show on January 12th (13 Dead End Drive). And business-wise we're looking forward to working with some new talents and continuing to push the boundaries of what good wrestling merch can be. This year will be the fifth year of Fully Gimmicked (our launch anniversary is in July). Once FG began, I realized I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

There's quite a few projects in the works - so stay tuned to our social media where we'll be posting updates and details as they come. Thank you all for taking this wild ride with us! Here's to a new year, new merch, and new wrestling-adventures.

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